Please note these guidelines are those suggested and practiced by Le 19ème Trou streetgolf team and are only included on our site as a helpful hint for newbies.


  • There is only one real rule, security! Be smart, don't play in the middle of traffic and avoid shooting balls from the middle of a crowd. Choose balls appropriate to the playground, like the AlmostGolf ball. It's ideal for urban spaces.
  • We love sparks, so no carpet to protect your delicate wrists!
  • Why do we customize our golf clubs? Early on, customizing our golf clubs was more about security than decoration. Wielding a golf club in a crowd necessitates maximizing its visibility to avoid accidents.
  • Why not play alone? When you are focused on your target, you can't survey what's happening around you. It's useful to have people around to let you know if the ball path is free of babies in strollers and little old ladies. Involving passersby is a good way to introduce them to Offgolf and meet new people. For us, meeting others is one of the most priceless elements of this sport.
  • When choosing a target ... be creative, be original, push the limits of the course and play! The one who wins on that hole chooses the next target and the worst player buys the beer or carries the golf bags.
  • A golf bag to carry your golf clubs is indispensable because they can be considered weapons if unconcealed. 


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OFFGOLF = STREETGOLF + URBANGOLF + CROSSGOLF All Golf games played outside the bounds of a classic Golf Course.

All golf games played outside the bounds of a classic golf course and within urban spaces.
With the evolution of offgolf, some people are starting to differentiation between urbangolf and streetgolf. According to them, streetgolf  would be the finest practice of urbangolf in that it utilizes all the elements of the urban space including all varieties of paved surfaces that affect the bounce of the ball, inclines, wind, temperature, wet/dry surfaces...
Why not let time make the differences more clear.

Golf games played everywhere except urban areas and classic Golf Courses

Securing the start area: Nobody should be within 2 meters around the player. Check for pedestrians, vehicles or other fragile objects that may be between the player and the target.
Securing the target area: The other players must secure each holes before the player makes his/her shot.

Individual mode: 
Each player plays his ball and must reach the goal in a minimum number of shots.
Foursome (team play): Team Play. A single ball per team played by each member in the order of the players listed on the scorecard.
Scramble: Team game, but each person plays their own ball, then the team collectively decides which ball is in the best position and that ball is played. 

Drop means replacing your ball.
• Drop the ball with or without penalty (depending on the other players' moods).
• If the ball is too close to a curb/wall/other object ... it's possible to move it one club-length from the obstacle without moving it closer to the goal.
• If too close to danger (window, car, café terrace, crowd...), it's possible to move your ball a reasonable distance away (several meters) without penalty. 
• If the ball is between cobblestones, it is possible to place the ball on one of the stones that the ball is already touching. 
• If the ball is lost (roof, drain, or in water), play another ball from where the previous ball was hit with a penalty stroke (i.e. a beer for all the other players ...). 

The player whose ball is furthest from the target plays first.

Have fun & respect the other players!
• Once the player has hit a ball, he/she must go mark the location of it and secure the area (manage pedestrians, monitor traffic, ...).
• When a player is about to hit a ball, the other players must not disrupt by shooting other balls (except if it's part of your evil plan).
• When a player hits a ball, the other players must note where the ball falls. Take it from me, it's annoying to spend 15 minutes searching for your ball  because your friends were not paying attention to the game.