Photo by  Emmanuel Fradin  - Graphics by  Olivier Rinckel

Photo by Emmanuel Fradin - Graphics by Olivier Rinckel


Philippe Missemer aka Sköyp, Founder of 19NEWS Mag & Le 19ème Trou
Melat Amha, Editorial Consultant | IG | USA

Albert SwingerContributor | Heavy Balls UGC | HUNGARY
Christ Sandbagger, Contributor | Fly Away UGC | HUNGARY
Didi Keller, Editor | The Royal Urban Golf Club | SWITZERLAND
Jean-Sébastien Bartos, Contributor | Mon Tee Picon | FRANCE
Jeremy Pike, Contributor | Wedges And Avenue | CANADA
Nicolas Bykoff, Contributor | Bogeymag | FRANCE
Peter Gorse, Contributor - Reporter | Golf Refugees | ENGLAND
Richard Wax, Contributor | World Golf Forum | FRANCE - UK
Severin Kälin, Contributor | Fore!Score | SWITZERLAND
Theo Banz, Music Contributor | Stand High Patrol & Eddy Larkin | FRANCE
Torsten Schilling, Contributor | Natural Born Golfers | GERMANY


19NEWS is an online magazine based in Los Angeles, founded by Sköyp. This magazine aims to promote the different offgolf practices arising from golf and the culture that surrounds it.

Why 19NEWS?
For the love of golf! To facilitate and contribute to the development of offgolf worldwide. We are the voice of offgolf.

Why 19?
The 19th hole represents the clubhouse bar at a golf course. This is where you talk about the game, your experiences, upcoming events, share your best pictures and challenge your friends. For offgolf culture, this is the playground outside the boundaries of a classic golf course.


Olivier Rinckel