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"We appreciate your efforts to make golf more accessible and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors."

- Jane Macneille from Great White Shark Enterprises

"[19NEWS.COM] Is a huge milestone in the urbangolf world! Thank you for it!"

- Balazs Ruszty from Heavy Balls Urban Golf Club Budapest

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Home Page - Top
The best place for your ad. This what the visitors will see first at the top of the home page. Your ad will go in rotation with 2 other ads.
Price per rotation is $90 per month.

Customer Testimonial Links
Home Page - Below Slide Banner
Place your best customer testimonials & the name of your brand just under the the Slide Banner. Your text can have up to 100 characters including spaces + the link of your choice.
Price is $20 per month.

Every Page - Website Background - Both Sides
Each page will have your ad displayed as the backdrop.
Price is $50 per month.

Embedded Ad Sponsorship
Every Pages - Footer - 5 Rotations Maximum - Animated GIF is allowed. Your ad will be in rotation with 4 other ads. You may purchase more rotations if you wish your ad to show up more often. Buy 5 rotations and you’ll own the entire ad spot.
Price per rotation is $30 per month.

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News Page
The best way to promote your service, product or event in detail. But you can't buy us ;-) 
Price to be discussed.

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Price is $15 per month.

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